25th Reunion of the 122nd Recruit Class of the San Francisco Police Department — BLOG 66

Saturday, September 13, 1997 Haven’t journaled in a long time. Just don’t have the energy anymore. But tonight was meaningful, the 122nd Recruit Class of the SFPD held its 25th Reunion at the Marines Memorial Club and Hotel on Sutter … Continue reading

The 1966 S.I. “Miracle Team” Reunion — BLOG 58

Friday October 3, 1986 What a nice day! The  first ten days of October are the most beautiful times in San Francisco. Today was perfect. When I woke up, I slid open the bay window to take it all in. The … Continue reading

Good-bye Charles Gain — BLOG 48

Tuesday, January 8, 1980 Watch off last night. We had one of those pink sunsets where the Bank of America looks like it’s on fire. Early this morning about 0015, I took a walk around the neighborhood. The air was … Continue reading

Gays moving into the Castro & Mission — BLOG 31

Wednesday, April 21, 1976 Gorgeous sunset tonight: I love it when the sun lights up the side of the Bank of America building downtown. Reminds me there still is beauty in San Francisco. I like how when gays move into … Continue reading