The Papal Visit — BLOG 60

Saturday September 19, 1987 I had an amazing experience for a Catholic school boy yesterday. I felt God’s presence—maybe He does exist. Thursday afternoon, detailed to the Papal security as Pope John Paul II visited San Francisco, I was assigned … Continue reading

Change of Scenery Equals Change of Life — BLOG 3


Friday, March 23, 1973

Mine is the gray house in the middle

Mine is the gray house in the middle

Tonight is my last night living in the house I grew up in . . . since I was five.

Tomorrow, I’m moving into a 500-square foot studio apartment in a recently completed complex that’s opening to new residents this weekend.

I just need to get away from 23rd Avenue, so I won’t hear the N-street car and the 71-bus roaring by and shaking the house every ten minutes. There’s other stuff I want to forget, too. All the death and dying I’m seeing every night at work is triggering the memories of what happened to Mom in the upstairs bathroom.

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Stuff is getting expensive, but I want to make sense of it all

Wednesday, March 21, 1973 Went down to Brook’s Stationery store at 20th and Irving Street today. Bought this journal. $3.50. Stuff is getting expensive! Wanna write down all the crazy shit happening every night in the Haight-Ashbury and Fillmore… so … Continue reading