Stuff is getting expensive, but I want to make sense of it all

Wednesday, March 21, 1973

1973 Journal photo shoppedWent down to Brook’s Stationery store at 20th and Irving Street today. Bought this journal. $3.50.

Stuff is getting expensive!

Wanna write down all the crazy shit happening every night in the Haight-Ashbury and Fillmore… so I can make sense of it all.

Only been a San Francisco cop for six months now—but it feels longer—and I sure feel older! I’m only 22!

Great Song just came on …

Great song just came on: "Masterpiece" by the Temptations

“Masterpiece” by the Temptations: copyright Google


Love this song! That distinctive rhythm with building tension … and great lyrics.

It’s become my theme song for what I deal with every night at work.