Ski Chalet in San Francisco — BLOG 4

Saturday, March 24, 1973

They promised me landscaping and here it comes

Moving day.

All I did today was walk up and down steps. Boy, you sure don’t know how much stuff you have until you gotta move it.

The place is Great! Better even than I’d dreamed. The view’s simply INCREDIBLE!

I can see the Bay Bridge, City Hall . . . and all of downtown.

Like I moved into a ski chalet with a gas-burning fireplace, green shag rug, and beam ceiling. The place smells of fresh cut wood from paneling and grass cloth on the walls.

But kinda like . . . like a motel room, too, so I went looking for the soap, lotion, towels, and fresh toilet paper. But the new apartment management did give me a bottle of champagne. That was nice.

Listened to the Giants game on the radio while I was moving. The players got into a huge fight– and it was only an exhibition game with the Angels. Hope the Giants still have that fight in them during the season. The Angels, not so much, if you know what I mean.