Gays moving into the Castro & Mission — BLOG 31

Wednesday, April 21, 1976 Gorgeous sunset tonight: I love it when the sun lights up the side of the Bank of America building downtown. Reminds me there still is beauty in San Francisco. I like how when gays move into … Continue reading

I’m in Love! — BLOG 22

Tuesday, August 5, 1975 God, what an beautiful morning when I woke up. The Bank of America building and the Pyramid were floating atop a white carpet of fog that extended as far as I could see. I got some … Continue reading

As Close to the Game as the Third-string Quarterback BLOG 13

Sunday, September 30, 1973 I worked Field Security at the 49ers game this afternoon at Candlestick against the Rams. We got killed 40-20. Took my camera along and got some pictures of the cheerleaders and 49er QB John Brodie. Amazing to … Continue reading