Shaking Hands with Hank Aaron BLOG 20

Tuesday, May 21, 1974

Hank Aaron Atlanta Braves 1974 (c) Google

Hank Aaron Atlanta Braves 1974 (c) Google

Had the 3-wheeler at the ball park tonight: Giants played the Atlanta Braves and Hank Aaron, the new Home Run King. When Aaron came out of the his team’s locker room, I was standing in the tunnel, so I reached out and shook his hand.

“Congratulations, Hank,” I said. He actually made eye contact with me, then nodded and smiled. I will never forget that.

The crowd tonight was maybe only 8,000 for a Tuesday night doubleheader AND a chance to see perhaps the greatest player in the game’s history. Baseball sure isn’t a big deal here in San Francisco!

Back home

The city was incredibly beautiful tonight. The fireplace is going, a perfect night to lie naked on the bean bag chair with a woman — only problem, NO women in my life at the moment. I still miss Erica. Talked to her the other day and UCLA is “going well.”

Night view from the apartment, May

Night view from the apartment, May 21, 1974

Feeling Depressed

Finally got a good night’s sleep, but I felt depressed today (despite meeting Hank Aaron.) I’m letting the world get to me. Some guys can take all this shit, and it just rolls right off.

I envy them — that attitude’s a gift. I can’t do it. I could just kick myself about all the time I waste worrying about stuff I have no control over.

But, I do have the beauty of this place.

Thank you — but I’m out of my mind to live here. I only clear $600 a month and the rent is now $300. I do need this place. I can just open the curtains and mellow out. It’s like the city is a huge wall-mounted aquarium, and its ever-changing moods and delicate beauty are on constant display…..

……All that was missing tonight was a woman.