Only in San Francisco BLOG 8

Thursday, April 12, 1973


The Lady in the Cop Hat

Erica Black: The Lady in the Cop Hat

I worked the Richmond 3 car this morning up in Pacific Heights.

What a contrast within one mile. On one end live the extremely wealthy in mansions with views of the Golden Gate and on the other — the extremely poor living in the high-rise “Pink Palace” public housing projects.

Only in San Francisco

Nice to have a “quiet” night. Before going to work, I’d fucked Erica when she got out of school. She really gets off on me being a cop.

Took her picture with my hat on. She won’t get a copy, though until I’m off probation and she graduates high school.

The gal really touches my heart. Father’s long gone,she lives with her mother and younger sister in a piece-of-shit apartment in the Mission.

Hum … wonder if she thinks I’m going to marry her? Says she’s on the pill ….