She Digs Cops! BLOG 7

Monday, April 2, 1973

The Lady in Red with the killer legs

Erica: The Lady in Red with the killer legs!

Sometimes I wonder whether it’s Erica or me who’s on the bigger ego trip. She really digs it that she’s doing a cop.Too bad this isn’t high school … well … it is for her.


Glad I met her a couple weeks ago — after her 18th birthday. Actually, the French believe this is the perfect age difference between men and women. Half the man’s age (22) plus seven years = 18. Definitely a great moment for a former St. Ignatius High School football player.

So would this have leapfrogged me past the great Pete Cassidy as the alpha-alpha male, Gentleman of S.I.? Let’s work this out. He was the quarterback, but I went both ways as a tight end and an outside linebacker. He was doing the Homecoming Queen from Presentation. I’m doing a cheer leader from Lowell.


Gina Fratelli vs. Erica Black.

Gina Fratelli still is the most beautiful woman I’ve ever seen. But is she a Catholic school girl with Catholic guilt? I just can’t imagine she can make love better than Erica Black!

I win. Thank you Erica!

McManus 1 Cassidy 0

Italian vs. Euro-Asian.


Cassidy is playing with the Raiders and I’m a cop.

Cassidy wins.

McManus 1 Cassidy 1

But he’s only standing on the sidelines at Raiders games and not playing. I’ve worked the Field Security standing on the sidelines at 49ers games and not playing.


I heard he only makes $12,500. With overtime, I beat that — and I’m working a lot of EWW overtime.

McManus 2 Cassidy 1