Fog is Back — BLOG 35

Wednesday, May 4, 1977

For over Bunea Vista Hill this mornng

The fog over Buena Vista Hill this morning

Woke up this morning and the fog was in. I love May fog. The fog just seems different in May. Thicker. Like it means business and is going to stay

The fog sometimes takes a couple days off in April for vacation, but the advance guard returns for good in May for the summer season. .

I’m a San Francisco kid. I love the fog’s quirky character, especially at night, when it appears as a ghost-like supernatural force.

Foggy nights

Over the years, I’ve developed a system to communicate with the fog:

I open the window and look down at the street then pose a question or make a statement. If the fog agrees, I can feel the wind ruffle my thinning hair.

If the fog doesn’t agree, the wind is still.

Along with flipping a coin,  the fog gives me most of the answers about what to do in life.