Moscone & Milk Murdered by Dan White at City Hall — BLOG 45

Monday November 27, 1978


Today is another of day I’ll never forget.

Turned on the news about 1245 as I was returning home in the car: KGO radio was talking about the “tragedy at City Hall.”

Mayor Moscone and Supervisor Milk were shot by Ex-Supervisor Dan White.

What can I say?

A very sad day. Any place has got to be better than San Francisco tonight, and if you believe the Catholic Church, then Moscone and Milk are in a better space.

Dan White under arrest. (c) John Storey SF Chronicle 1978

Dan White under arrest. (c) John Storey SF Chronicle 1978

And Dan White? He may be still alive, but he threw his future away over bullshit.

Just got pushed too far… and went ka-bluey. Seems like we’re all battling and contributing to the each other’s pressures. Instead, we’ve gotta try to keep our own cages clean and show respect and courtesy.

I remember the conversation White and I had when he was running for Supervisor, and I asked him why he wanted to give up an $18,000 a year firefighter’s job for the $9,500 salary of a member of the Board of Supervisors. He answered, “I want to help people.”