Blizzard in Detroit — BLOG 53

Saturday January 23, 1982

Pontiac Stadium in snow

There’s a big blizzard in Detroit. so it’s going to be tight getting to the game. It’s been sub-zero all week there.

But the game is inside in the Silverdome, and I can’t worry about the weather — I have no control over it. I can’t worry about maybe not getting there in time for the game and flushing $600.00.

This is a once in life time deal.

I spent the day going through all my old 49er programs to get in the mood and put Sunday’s game into perspective.

We’ve got a chance to win the whole thing.

I saw the 1957 Playoff game at Kezar with my dad when I was 7-years old. The 49ers were leading 27-3 but ended up losing to Detroit who went on to win the championship. And then I was there at Kezar when they lost the Championship game to Dallas in 1971.

I was at Candlestick when Dallas came back to win the 1972 playoff game after being down 28-16 with two minutes to go. I’m very apprehensive about what could happen.

But what will happen—will happen.