Thank You and Goodbye Erica Black BLOG 10

Sunday, August 19, 1973

Final look at the Lady in Red with the Killer Legs

Erica Black: A final look at the Lady in Red with the killer legs

Well, all good things come to an end. Erica left an hour ago to start her freshman year at UCLA — with her mother driving her to L.A.

Yes, it was time for her to go —but I feel really sad, especially after last night.

Erica wants to be a psycho-therapist. Wonder if her experience dealing with a screwed up guy had anything to do with that career decision.

Anyway, she was a real sweetie, and I wish her well:.

I hope you find and fall in love with some rich kid from Malibu who will give you the great life you deserve and put babies in your tummy that are as beautiful as you.