No One’s Happy — BLOG 25

Friday, August 22, 1975


Well, they settled the strike.

Mayor Alioto, who’s not up for re-election, stepped in and gave us the 13.5 percent raise that the charter mandated — BUT, we won’t receive it for six months. Meanwhile, everybody thinks we won the strike.

Spread out over the entire year, doesn’t that work out to be a 6.5 percent ?

Which is what the Board of Soups initially offered?

So how do we think we won this strike?

Everybody’s pissed at us.

The Board of Supervisors is placing all these punitive initiatives on the ballot. And the Police Officers’ Association is going to take a day’s wages from us to fight the initiatives: That’s on top of four salary days we’ve already lost.

That strike was really stupid. It’s going to take us years to get back to where we were – if we ever do during my career.